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   The Show

Welcome to Hustle Northwest, the podcast where we dive deep and get inspired by the heart & hustle of the Willamette Valley and explore the real stories of local entrepreneurs and business owners. Diving into their grind, their growth and the grit it takes to navigate both the highs and lows of business and life. Spanning the Willamette Valley, we’re here to uncover the journeys that inspire & the lessons that drive the spirit of our community. Get inspired by the hustle.

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Brian Corcoran


Brian is the owner of HD Open House.  A real estate photography company.   He also owns Blue HUB, a podcast studio (where this podcast is filmed).  He is the Father to 4 kids and also happens to be married to his gorgeous Co-Host Carrie going on almost 20 years!


Carrie  Corcoran


Carrie is the  owner of the  Corcoran Home Team, a Real Estate team based in Salem Oregon.  Along with being a Host on the podcast, is also Co-Host to Brian in life, sharing the 4 kids.  Also happens to be married to the stud-Host with most!

Austin Zahn

Producer / Videographer

Produced in studio by

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